Your guide to healthier grocery choices

A revolutionary grocery receipt processing tool

Identifies harmful ingredients

Scores each food

Recommends healthier groceries

There are countless potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in food due to the wide range of natural and artificial substances that exist.

We're here to empower you with the knowledge you need for healthier choices. Eat better, live healthier, with our handy tool in your corner.

Our app cuts through the confusion!

How It Works?





Simply connect your loyalty program with our application. We'll take care of syncing your digital shopping receipts.

You always have the option to upload a shopping receipt manually. Just download it to your phone and upload it to our application.

Sync Your Shopping Receipts:

Analyze and Rate:

Our advanced tool analyses each item in your receipt.

Most importantly, it identifies potentially harmful ingredients and rates each food based on the latest scientific researches.


Personalized Recommendations:

Based on your shopping history and our analysis, we provide you with personalized recommendations for healthier food choices.

We will show which products are the most harmful and what they can be replaced with.

Alius Kubilius
Co-Founder • Market Penetration
Mikas Pribušauskas
Co-Founder • Product Development

Ineta Plytnykienė

Co-Founder • User Engagement

Our Team

Our team is composed of three dedicated co-founders, each bringing distinct expertise and a shared passion for promoting healthier lifestyles through innovative technology.

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